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    Fall Look and Updates

    Finally I made it again to post another look, I really love for fall. The culottes are from Zara and I personally love culottes in winter and autumn a lot! Why there was not a lot to read and see on the blog? It was just a lot going on.

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    Birthday Look – An Outfit for a Special Day

    My birthday look is a new challenge, every single year. As it is one of the most special days of the years for me, I do want the outfit to be that special as well. An Outfit can decide too, whether you will feel confident or not during the day.

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    Slip Playsuit: A look for cooler summer days!

    When it gets closer to autumn and the days get colder, it can give you hard times in the mornings getting dressed. Also here in Melbourne the temperatures are constantly changing. A big thing at the moment is to slip a jumper or t-shirt underneath a spaghetti-top or dress. So I just did it with my jumpsuit, and absolutely love it!

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    Mom Jeans: Casual all Zara Look


    Alright Peeps there is finally a fresh look for you guys featuring my new Mom Jeans and other sale finds from Zara. This Mom Jeans was exactly what I was looking for. I did not want another destroyed one but it should fit right without being too loose. And here we go. Also I fell for those Balenciaga style biker boots in sale. So I couldn’t resist. I love this easy and effortless look just so much at the moment! A Mom Jeans can spice up every outfit and adds a little style to a rather basic and casual look. I even got this pair of jeans in another color!