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    Mom Jeans: Casual all Zara Look


    Alright Peeps there is finally a fresh look for you guys featuring my new Mom Jeans and other sale finds from Zara. This Mom Jeans was exactly what I was looking for. I did not want another destroyed one but it should fit right without being too loose. And here we go. Also I fell for those Balenciaga style biker boots in sale. So I couldn’t resist. I love this easy and effortless look just so much at the moment! A Mom Jeans can spice up every outfit and adds a little style to a rather basic and casual look. I even got this pair of jeans in another color!

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    Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

    This morning I literally woke up to the newest feature if Instagram: Instagram Stories!

    It was clear that Instagram had to react to the hype that Snapchat got in the last year. Facebook did want to buy Snapchat but the makers of Snapchat did not make that deal. So maybe Facebook is fighting back via instagram. I, als a blogger, was first completely overwhelmed! Now there is another App or rather feature, I have to put content on! So thats why I made list with pros and cons for Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

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    Have a break!

    It’s us, the generation Y. We dance through the colorful world with a matcha-latte in our hands and everything is easy-going. We have the best work-life balance. I turned 25 this week and reached the peak of my twenties. Every 21-year-old would laugh when I say, that you and everything changes a lot during the first years of your twenties.