Bloggers, support each other!

I really don’t want to read any more of those negative posts about how bad other bloggers are! Isn’t that a great thing about bloggers, that everyone can do and write what they want. A blog gives you the opportunity to write what and how you want and thats a good thing! Especially in the last weeks there is a lot of negative vibes in a lot of blog posts! But why? We bloggers are all in the same boat and should support each other wherever we can!

„There are too many new blogs!“

We all want the same! We want to be accepted and be taken serious in our form of arts! Every blogger and blog has a right to exist. Every Blog! And that’s great about blogging, too! It gives us a huge variety of bloggers and styles. And I like to be inspired by new blogs as well as by the old, well established ones.


„Her pictures aren’t that great!“

Some blogs might be less professional and some pictures are not in a fashion magazine quality, and I love that! We all love to read blogs because they are personal and a bit of imperfection is charming! Also I am sure that all the bloggers out there try their very best. And it’s also courageous to go out there take some shots and post them to the internet! Especially when you haven’t reached the quality you are aiming for! Maybe I should post more photos even though I am not 100% happy with them! It makes you feel more relaxed, I guess!


She still just got 800 Follower?“

I find it absolutely remarkable, that are so many small bloggers (like me) out there, that still do that thing! How often have I thought about giving up?! We should be all more relaxed about all that numbers of followers and statistics. You can be proud, that you made it to be so consistent!


The new bloggers are not thankful anymore!“

Especially the new bloggers are absolutely thankful, especially because the „old“ bloggers made it possible, that it is even easier to get litte compensations by product samples and that the blogger scene is well-established now. Bloggers are taken more and more serious, which makes it easier for small bloggers to start off. The development that happened regarding the bloggerscene is great!

However I am grateful to have blogging as a hobby! What do you think? Because blogging is such a great thing, we should all support each other and spread more positive vibes every single day!



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