Have a break!


It’s us, the generation Y. We dance through the colorful world with a matcha-latte in our hands and everything is easy-going. We have the best work-life balance. I turned 25 this week and reached the peak of my twenties. Every 21-year-old would laugh when I say, that you and everything changes a lot during the first years of your twenties.

Your social media channels make you more and more aware that you are grown-up now and 25 is an age where people, actual people you went to school with, are getting married! Things are getting serious and you are an adult now. I feel like I have to be an adult now, too. I have to achieve something and finish my studies. You don’t want to miss a certain living standard you’ve reached and to be honest I love shopping. To afford certain things it is necessary to have your part-time job.


My last weeks were still too much. I tried to work full-time, write a bachelor thesis and run a blog at the same time failed! The pressure onto blogs is rising and even I as a smaller blogger feel it more than ever. I was feeling bad, after reading all the guides saying: „You have to post at least twice a week“, but I needed a little break. And I realized that breaks have to be planned as well as planning your daily / weekly workload! No one can work more than 9 hours for a long time. At one stage your body sets off the alarm and claims the needed breaks itself.

IT’s ok to do Nothing

I sometimes feel bad when I haven’t done anything for one/two hours, but often I forget what I actually have performed in that day. One, two mails, an invoice there are the little things that are still a lot of work that you quickly forget about.


I like to plan my week ahead and I always thought that it would work to plan my day through for every single minute. And it does, but only if you also plan breaks! And I don’t mean having lunch and doing some Emails at the same time, but really: Hanging out!

Who still feels being lazy should look back in the evening and maybe even write down every single thing you have achieved. And you should not forget that sometimes you can get so much more done in two hours of concentrated work than in eight hours not being concentrated. So sometimes it makes sense to put your stuff aside and have a break.

For the ones who can feel me: Step away from the pressure and the prejudice that we are a lazy generation and just do what you can! Set priorities! You also don’t have to travel the whole world in two weeks. Go out there and take a bike ride in your local forest. I really want to get to know my closer surrounding better, as I have seen so much, but not what’s in front of my door mat. Another advantage: You don’t even have to pack!

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  • Reply The Sunday Mode

    I love exploring my own surroundings as well, especially in this past year.

    I also completely agree that breaks are essential and I love what you said about how you can get more done in 2 hours of solid work than 8 hours of barely being motivated. It’s so true!

    Juli 19, 2016 at 1:24 pm
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