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Pineapple Bag from Asos: Big, big love!

Pineapple Bag-Blogger-Style-Blogger-Fashion-Blogger_Jessika Fashion_Pineapple_Bag_Asos_Skinny_Dip_Striped_Shirt_Statement_Bag_Sunnies_Zara_Blogger_Mango_H&M

Pineapple bag, pineapple shorts and pineapple everything! I love it!

The sweet fruit is everywhere in the world of fashion, lifestyle and on Instagram. Since last year this amazing pineapple bag from asos was on my wishlist until the price dropped and it landed directly in my shopping cart and finally in my wardrobe. I love to wear it and give every boring outfit the special touch up! And the best! It is on sale right now!

What do you think about the trend? Just right or too much? Love to hear about your opinion!

xx, Jess


// Top – ginatricot

// Sunnies – New Look

// Pineapple Bag – Skinnydip via asos

// Shorts – H&M

// Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Ananas-Tasche-Jessika Fashion_Pineapple_Bag_Asos_Skinny_Dip_Striped_Shirt_Statement_Bag_Sunnies_Zara_Blogger_Mango_H&M-4 Jessika Fashion_Pineapple_Bag_Asos_Skinny_Dip_Striped_Shirt_Statement_Bag_Sunnies_Zara_Blogger_Mango_H&M-5 Jessika Fashion_Pineapple_Bag_Asos_Skinny_Dip_Striped_Shirt_Statement_Bag_Sunnies_Zara_Blogger_Mango_H&M-7 Jessika Fashion_Pineapple_Bag_Asos_Skinny_Dip_Striped_Shirt_Statement_Bag_Sunnies_Zara_Blogger_Mango_H&M-2

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